Digital ChoreoGraphics' Associates
Are the State of the Art

Digital ChoreoGraphics' Principal Engineers and Associates have been creating new solutions to fun problems for nearly 100 years, between us, and enjoying most of it. If you can state your vision, we can make it happen, just as we have for FORD, NASA, TRW, and a host of others. We are the State-Of-The-Art.

Here is a short synopsis of five key DCG individuals who can participate in your project(s), listed alphabetically. If you have any specific questions, we will be glad to answer them.

  • Jimbo - The Bit Picker
    SKILLS include 3D Visualization, Graphic Algorithm Development, Software Optimization. Specialties include forward differencing algorithms, homogeneous transforms, network theory, and other optimization strategies.

    EXPERIENCE (30 yrs) includes software product development in the areas of Targeting and Navigation, H/W Diagnostics, 3D Animation, Image Processing, Digital Imaging, 2D & 3D CAD, Relational Databases, Real Time Operating Systems and Embedded Control Systems. See Papers.

  • DV - The Micro Manager
    SKILLS include Hardware/Software Tradeoffs, 3D Visualization, Algorithm Development, Optimization and Platform Independent implementations.

    EXPERIENCE (25 yrs) includes software product development in the areas of Targeting and Navigation, H/W Diagnostics, 3D Animation, Flight Simulation, CAI/CBT, Image Processing, Digital Imaging, 2D & 3D CAD, Compilers, Real Time Operating Systems, Embedded Control Systems, Device Drivers and Educational Technologies. See Papers.

  • JB - The New Kid
    SKILLS include 3D Algorithm development and implementation, Image Compression algorithms, and GUI development.

    EXPERIENCE (7 yrs) includes Medical Imaging, 2D & 3D CAD, GUI implementation, requirements analysis, OOP and C++ programming in UNIX, DOS, Windows & WinNT environments, and several papers on Display Systems. See Papers.

  • JP - The Professor
    SKILLS include Computer Vision algorithms, Image Processing algorithms.

    EXPERIENCE (20 yrs) includes founding the Laboratory for Computer Vision in Calgary, authoring "Practical Computer Vision Using C" - Wiley & Sons '94, authoring "Algorithms for Image Processing and Computer Vision" - Wiley & Sons '96, and is a professor of Computer Science at the University of Calgary, Canada. See Papers.

  • Andy - The Duke of Doom
    SKILLS include Unix and Linux scripting and maintenance, CGI/Perl program development, Video Game testing.

    EXPERIENCE (2 yrs) includes Unix Systems Administration, Search Engine scripting, OS/2 Systems Administration.

  • MikeP - Lord Generic
    SKILLS include video game design and development, programming, animation production, computer graphics and computer art.

    EXPERIENCE (5 yrs) includes Computer Graphic Animation production, Video Scripting, Directing and Producing, Software Design and Development, Computer Game Design and Development. See Papers.