(formerly ICSim)

ICSim was bought by CTA, Inc., then spun off as CTA Simulation Systems.

Digital ChoreoGraphics optimized the terrain rendering sub-system of this client's Tactical Flight Simulation System.

The hardware consisted of an SGI workstation running Unix and containing the SGI graphics engine with SGI's OpenGL support.

DCG rewrote and optimized the terrain rendering Sub-system to provide a realtime update rate. The optimization was based upon a paradigm shift conceived by DCG's owner. Performance was improved by more than an order of magnitude.

The images displayed here and on the following pages were generated in Realtime on a Silicon Graphics workstation running various flavors of The Mission Simulation System (MSS) software.

The MSS was developed on SGI hardware under Unix and OpenGL as the core of a Tactical Flight Simulator package for training military pilots. The package was designed to network multiple pilots into a shared scenario.

At the time, the Client was known as ICSim, which then merged into CTA, and then spun off CTA Simulation Systems. However, throughtout these changes, the management and development teams have remained the same.

Digital ChoreoGraphics designed and coded the optimized (realtime) terrain mapping software used in all the packages shown in the following pictures.

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Pick the thumbnails below for full screen renditions. Beware, although each of these 1280x1024x64b full screen images are generated in realtime (60 fps) by the MSS software, they may take a trifle longer than 1/60 of a second to download.

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