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Digital ChoreoGraphics has successfully designed and developed custom software for a broad spectrum of satisifed clients for 20 years. Throughout this era, our expertise has pushed the edge of the digital envelope.

From Command, Control and Communications...

We have designed software for the Defense Industry that is now flying in our nation's fighters, as well as tactical flight simulators for use by the student pilot and commander on the ground.

Thru Interactive Computer Graphics and Multi-Media...

We have created prototypes for NASA that digitize speech for transmission between satellites, aircraft and ground personnel, as well as software that reconstructs extra-terrestrial terrain (Mars, Venus, & the Astroids) from Earth based radar emplacements for simulating animated 3D fly-bys.

From the Fanciful to the Profound...

We have created both video games and medical instrumentation.

As well as Interactive Client/Server Applications and Virtual Reality.

We were the first to develop a network based educational development and delivery system, and among the first to create a microcomputer based 3D visualization package. We were the first to place a CAD drawing on a background image of an architectural site. We were the first to provide 'virtual reality' to the Point-Of-Sale marketing personnel in the field.

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Do you need a new approach? Do you need an invention? Give us a challenge worthy of our experience.

Software Research, Design and Product Development Since 1976

If you can describe your market objective or provide a product specification to us, we can surely create the product for you that meets your needs. If you can't, then we can help you to do so. We know what questions to ask. Discuss your goals, objectives, requirements and dreams in confidence with DCG.

We Build Products from Your Dreams...

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